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A Graphics Technology company owned by Judy Kay Wilson that's Art Smart with web design, HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 as well as photography, print and media software including Photoshop, AutoCad, Final Cut, and open source.

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JC Art Company
designing with technology
"That's art smart!"

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Catering to those who need design,
inspiration and enlightment.

Judy Kay Wilson
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JC Art Company

JC Art Company originally started in 1997 as an Art Company concentrating in fine arts and design and now the company is working with computer aided design and graphics applications to incorporate technical elements along with advanced photography techniques to implement creations and advance modern features. The mission for the company is to implement functional design that is aesthetically pleasing.

Judy Wilson works part time as an adjunct, instructor and private tutor in areas of math, computer graphics, photography and fine arts. Her favorite media in fine arts is watercolor. She uses her spare time studying code and implementing new techniques into her web pages.


It is the relationship between the water and the color that drives me to explore this media. It is as though the water acts as some sort of prism as it intermingles with the pigment. The pigment has the power to react implementing emotions onto the canvas. This makes it so important to study color and the meaning behind it. Colors truly do affect emotions and the unconcious mind.

The color wheel is a representation of the visual spectrum of light as we perceive it. It is the rainbow we see through the dispersion of white light. The visible spectrum is a very small range of the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Each color has a specific wave frequency that our eyes perceive as different color sensations.

The basic color groupings that concern artists are the Primary colors (3), the Secondary colors (3), and the Tertiary colors (6). Hue refers to the color name, as in red, blue, and yellow are different hues. Color saturation is to the strength of color as it is presented. Chroma is the amount of grayness in a color, achieved my adding white or black. Value refers to a color's lightness or darkness on a gray scale of 1 to 10.

The interaction of one color with another can achieve both highly dramatic as well as subtle glowing effects in your art. Understanding the potent interrelations of color and light on the textures of the surfaces of what we see everyday is essential.

Oil, Acrylic and Chalks

I use these media to portray textures and experiment with design. It's the craftiness of these that I enjoy. The portability of the chalks make them a wise choice for traveling and getting an idea down fast. Acrylics dry so fast, that they also make a good traveling companion. With Oils, it's the fact that you can mold the painting like it's a sculpture and you have plenty of time to push it around on the canvas, rearrange and get it just exactly the way you want it because it doesn't dry right away and it allows you to build on it without cracking.

Papers, brushes, canvas, the brands of paint, containers, palettes and environment can also affect how and the way we paint. We are all different, so we just have to keep trying different techniques and different types until we find what we like best. For me, I like 200lb+ Coldpress, 100% cotton rag, Anything Liquitex, Winsor Newton, Stainless Steel, Glass, sable and bright 80 degree days.



"I work with both a Canon and a Nikon camera and I don't particularly favor either one. I purchased a Nikon Coolpix a few years ago and really love the portability for the shot you can get with it. The Canon Rebel is such a good camera that I can't bring myself to think about replacing it yet. I've kept these two cameras longer than I have kept any camera, including the traditional film cameras.

If I am traveling more than a few days and already have a great deal of luggage, I take the Coolpix. Most of my shots around home are taken with the Canon. Obviously, the Canon is a DSLR with quite a few more options than the Coolpix, giving it with a slight advantage over the Coolpix."

The Canon Rebel

The Canon Rebel line is famous for its excellence in image quality, technology and additional features. The Rebel features include seven-point auto focus and the ability to continually shoot three frames per second. These features allow you to quickly focus on your target so you'll never miss a shot. With up to three frames per second of continuous shooting, this DSLR camera can capture more of the action. Simply hold the shutter release down to capture multiple images.

The Canon Rebel XS has a 10.1 megapixel image sensor that will deliver beautiful photos. Canon uses its latest DIGIC III image processor to provide outstanding color and detail. Combined with the CMOS sensor, your images will have less noise and greater detail.

Its easy-to-use interface will allow you to navigate through menus and select the features and functions you want. The Rebel XS makes the transition from point-and-shoot to DSLR easy with the Live View and at least six automatic shooting modes.

Incorporating Graphics

"I take several photographs and archive them to develop my copyright library, so that I can incorporate them into my graphics with the ease of knowing the photograph is an original and my copyright.

Eventually, I will develop a website that expands on Photography and Graphics. I want to be able to record my experience with both fields simultaneously and I think this will be a great way to do this.

As of right now, though, I am focusing on developing this site, because I am not ready to throw in the towel with the fine arts side of things and this also gives me the opportunity to implement some code as I learn.

JC Art Company

Judy Wilson is a freelance artist in Fairmont, West Virginia with over 15 years of experience and some of it in design. She is passionate about beautiful, functional, usable, and effective designs. With her creative innovation, obsession with detail, and eye for quality, Judy is willing to help you achieve a functional as well as an aesthetically pleasing design.

When she's not designing, or studying her field, Judy enjoys spending time with her family and two little yorkies, cooking and painting.

Have a project in mind? Contact Judy to have her help you with any of the following:

  • Design
    Web Design, Print, Identity Branding, Marketing and Packaging
  • Web Development
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS, Wordpress, Mobile Application
  • Photography and Photoshop
    Applications, Banners, Illustrations, Animation, Company Logos, Slogans and Packaging
  • Video
    Motion Graphics, Web Video, Compression, Editing


What is this site for?

I developed this website to continue with Graphic/Web Design and Technology. It is a combination of some of my work, my progress in the field and a site to also inform those of you who are intersested in Graphic Design. I also use it as a tool to keep learning in the areas of web design, code and marketing.

JC Art Company

Business CardJC Art Company Business Card

How is this website coded?

It is a combination of HTML 5, CSS, Java script and JQuery with a little PHP. The most used plugin comes from Fancybox.net. I am also trying to implement Broiler Plate.

How can I learn from this site?

Download a source code viewer or view the source code with browser developer tools and read the comments left in the code. As I develop the site, I will post tutorials to subscribers.

JC Art Co 2012